Simplifying the Business of Fitness

Presenter Bill Davis



Marketing and Messaging to the Other 80%

Presenter Blair McHaney



How to Increase Physician Referrals Cracking the Electronic Medical Record

 Presenter John Caliri

Loyalty by Design

Presenters: Blair McHaney and Jason Abucejo



Your Path to More Revenue Starts with Making Fitness Accessible to Everyone

Keynote Selina Tobaccowala

Know Your Audience & Avatar

Presenter Corey Smallwood



Bundling and Unbundling Services

Presenter Rich DeStasio


Low-cost Marketing

Presented by Marisa Hoff



Staffing Success: Doing More with Less

Moderator: Eddie Tock  Panelists: Kristi Redl, Robert Creech, David Bailey

How To Conduct An Internal Retention Audit

Presenter Dr. Paul Bedford 



Preparing for 2025

Presenter Matt Wright




The Fitness Industry’s Role and Opportunity in Mental Health and Wellness Panel

Panelists Karlie Intlekofer, Akai Jackson, Brian Lyons, Rosie Gonzalez

Fitness Facilities of Tomorrow

Panelists: Austin Cohen, Sal Pellegrino, Adam Zeitsiff, Forrest Cory and Joan Gebhart


Remaining Relevant and Retaining Members

Presenter Dr. Paul Bedford



A Mile in Their Shoes: Exploring Gym Members’ Holistic Approaches to Fitness

Presenter Sarah Manion